Sabbath Schedule - Everyone is invited. Worship with us this Saturday!

10:00-11:00 Torah Study. Learn how the ancient Hebrew scriptures interpret New Testament spiritual realities.


11:00-1:15  Service. Including, worship through singing and dancing, a Messianic celebration of the 4000-year-old Hebrew liturgy, and an in-depth proclamation of the Word through teaching and preaching. Hear Messianic leader Mike skillfully explain how the Hebrew scriptures provide the foundation and context for New Testament truth. 


1:15-2:00 Oneg (literally 'delight' in Hebrew). A time to schmooz (enjoying fellowship and a brown bag lunch for those who desire to stay) after each service. Everyone is welcome.


2:30 Elective Study (Next class planned after the High Holy Days. See the Upcoming Events page)



Michael & Patricia Marcus


Assistant Leaders:

Nagid & Yaffa Brindle


Mailing Address:  

PO Box 3762

York, PA 17402


Location: Please Note: We will be in this location beginning August 11, 2018.

2080 North Sherman St.

York, PA 17406